Visit to Princeton- October 2017

“Princeton University. What did I think of when hearing those two words? A top-notch college, primarily white institution. What did I think of when I saw those two words in person? An elite institution, but with people of all races walking along campus.

When we walked onto campus from the front, we walked through the Fitz Randolph Gates. Rumor has it that upon walking through those gates on your first day of college, you should never walk out of them. And if you do, you won’t graduate. So I advise all of you future Princeton graduates to stay away from that gate!

Regarding admissions, I learned that while you’re applying to Princeton, it’s important to stay yourself. Don’t just fill-in to get in, fill in to spill out. Answer every prompt or question truthfully so they get to know you more. Admission officers want to know what new things you have to bring to their campus.

Now let’s talk cost! Princeton costs $65,000 a year, but most don’t pay. 60% of their student body receives financial aid, and it is said that they have one of the best financial aid programs in the country. Princeton also offers a free ride if your family makes under $65,000. So, if you get into Princeton and you’re from a low income family, you don’t have to worry.

When it comes to majors and minors, you are not required to select a major until your sophomore year, so they give freshmen a year to explore. In Princeton, majors are known as your concentration, and minors are your certificates. You can only have one concentration, but you can have one to three certificates (this is essentially their term for minors).

People are afraid of rejection, minority groups in particular given the imposter syndrome that often follows us. And with Princeton being such a top rated school in our country, it is easy to let that feeling deter you from applying. But you can’t be afraid, and you can’t listen to others that don’t believe in you. If you want something, you have to work your hardest for it and don’t give up until you KNOW you gave it your all. As long as you use all of the resources TeenSHARP has to offer, there is nothing impeding you from attending this prestigious institution.” – Lyric Watson, 9th grade