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Nybria came to TeenSHARP as a high school junior and recently started her freshman year at Smith College on a full scholarship.

Nybria selected Smith College (ranked #19 among liberal arts colleges) after receiving full scholarship offers from University of Pennsylvania, Pitzer College, Franklin and Marshall, and many other selective institutions.

What Can a Donation Provide?

$3500-the annual cost per student for the TeenSHARP College Access Ambassador Training.
This covers individualized college advising, SAT tutoring, weekly leadership and college preptraining sessions, and college tours.
$750- the annual cost per student to provide regular SAT tutoring.
Nationally, students whose families earn up to $20,000 a year, the lowest income bracket, had an average score of 1,324, compared with an average score of 1,722 for those whose families earn more than $200,000 a year, the highest income bracket.
$350-the cost per student for TeenSHARP’s college tours:
TeenSHARP students participate in tours to around ten colleges per year with one three day overnight college tour.
$100- the cost for college prep supplies (program reading materials, AP/SAT/ACT prepmaterials, etc.) for each student.
TeenSHARP students have read A Hope in the Unseen, StartSomething that Matters, Give and Take, Breaking Night, The Promise of a Pencil, and more).